Cheyne Charity for Children with Celebral Palsy Number 1122968

Report of the Trustees for the period ending 31 July 2018.

The Trustees are pleased to present the report and accounts for the Charity for the period to 31 July 2018.

As Chairman I must first report the sad death of Joan Martin, our longest serving Member and Trustee of The Cheyne Charity, at the great age of 101 years. Joan had devoted her career, and her life, to the care of those suffering cerebral palsy.

Objectives of the Charity

The Trustees continue to pursue the overall objectives of the Charity which have existed for many years – to give financial assistance and support for those suffering from cerebral palsy and associated disorders, their families and others providing for their care.

Charitable Activities for the Period

Our activities continue to concentrate upon support for equipment and services for the benefit of those suffering cerebral palsy.
Following the provision of the technical library at Treloar’s last year the speech and language therapy equipment lets the students to develop skills and achieve greater independence. The Trustees were able to see the equipment in use and the benefits when holding a Committee meeting at the Centre during the year. Further funds have been made available to this initiative to purchase essential ancillary equipment.

There continued to be a significant increase in the number of requests for support both from institutions and individuals. We have provided a number of mobility aids, communication and laptop systems, as well as intensive therapy and hydrotherapy treatments. There has been a considerable increase in applications in the past year, both from individuals and charitable institutions providing essential services to disabled children.

With the Charity’s reliance primarily upon income from investments the Trustees must inevitably be selective in the response to requests for support. The financial climate continues to be dominated by the Brexit negotiations and be a major influence upon markets for some time. Our advisors will continue to concentrate on those companies with strong balance sheets and the potential for future dividend growth.

Rupert Rohan